Oliva’s gastronomy is delicious, varied, traditional and very healthy. It’s typically Mediterranean cuisine, where there is a great abundance of high-quality produce such as the food offered by its own vegetable gardens, as well as the great variety of rice that there is in the region.

The star of our cuisine is rice, prepared in different ways such as arroz a banda (which is cooked in fish stock), black rice, arroz caldoso (rice in broth) and rice with vegetables – and not forgetting the famous Valencian paella.

However, there are also other succulent local dishes, such as Coques a la Calfó, fine pasta prepared with wheat flour and corn which goes well with various products, or Figatells, a mix of pork with herbs which is served as tapas or with bread and mustard.
And let’s not forget Pebreres Farcides. This is eaten authentically in Oliva and it’s still cooked with the greatest love and care at home, making this dish the favourite of the people of Oliva.