Museum of the House of Gregorio Mayans

An 18th century stately home where Gregorio Mayans lived. Today it houses a culture centre and the municipal archives, and is also part of the Museum of the Enlightenment. It has an audio-visual room and other rooms furnished in the style of the era.

Vicente Parra Exhibition

Childhood home of Gregorio Mayans, from the 18th century, with the family crest on the façade. It houses the municipal Olímpia movie theatre and an exhibition dedicated to Vicente Parra, with photos and posters of films and theatre productions in which the actor from Oliva appeared.



Ethnological Museum and Library (15th -18th century)

Group of stately homes which house the Ethnological Museum and Central Library. The museum covers various aspects of our agrarian culture, with an exhibition on tools and materials, including those driven by animals, those used for loading and the typical cuisine of Oliva.




Archaeological Museum (18th century)

A building of great architectural interest, recently restored and dated between the 16th and 18th centuries. The museum’s permanent exhibition takes us on a journey through the different cultures that have populated our lands.

We can see tools and objects from prehistoric times up to the 16th century and a magnificent collection of objects from the Palacio de los Centelles.


Roman kiln

The remains of a Roman kiln from the first century AD are preserved in Oliva. It belonged to a pottery complex that produced amphoras, everyday ceramics and building materials. It is one of the few remaining Roman kilns on our coastline and the only one in the District.

Tower Museum of the Palacio Condal (Count’s Palace) of Oliva (16th century)

The last of the towers that formed part of the town wall, cylindrical and made of stone, is located in the section of wall that separated the area of urban expansion from the pre-existing Moorish quarter.


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